I recently received an email from a husband.

His wife loves to watch porn movies more than he does, and she even has her own porn star Gatwick Escorts that she seems to be a fan of. According to my research most women tend to be more accepting of their husbands enjoyment of porn movies. Husbands on the other side seem to have a real problem relating to their wives watching and enjoying porn movies. Mike, the husband who got in touch with me via email, felt that he was a failure as a lover and sexual partner. He thought that his wife’s need to watch porn movies was an indication of her being sexually unsatisfied. I can understand how he feels but there is absolutely no truth to that statement. Many Gatwick Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/gatwick-escorts/ will confirm my findings and agree with this is only an indication of our different sexual needs. There is absolutely no need for Mike to feel inadequate or upset. It is clear that Mike does not enjoy porn movies as much as his wife does, so a happy medium must be found. There are many different ways around this problem, and I will try to suggest a few which might work for you as well. A Special Night You may feel like having sex every night but that does not mean that every night has to be a porn movie night. A good idea would be to have one porn movie night per week. Perhaps you could set aside Saturday night as your porn movie night, and get in some films that appeal to both of you. Only One Many people who enjoy watching porn movies normally watch more than one per night. A different approach would be to limit the amount of porn movies you watch per evening. Try to agree to only one porn movie per night, or limit the amount of movies you watch per week. Mike’s Night Now, Mike’s wife should not try dominate their sexual relationship. There has to be a little bit of give and take. Another idea would be to make at least one evening per week Mike’s special night. I am sure Mike has his own fantasies he would like to fulfill and as he is willing to participate in his wife’s, she should be more than happy to accept his needs. As couples we need to appreciate that sex is linked to our emotions. Sex does fulfill a physical need but more than anything it does fulfill an emotional need. We need to have sex for all different types of reasons, and perhaps the most common reason is intimacy. This means that we need to learn how to be intimate and honest about the way we feel as well. Being opened and honest about your sexual emotions will almost always lead to a better and healthier sex life. The journey to get there may not always be easy but talking about sex is just as important as talking about the household budget.

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